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The Morgan Offshore Wind Project and the Morecambe Offshore Windfarm are two proposed offshore wind farms being developed in the Irish Sea.

The offshore wind farms are collaborating to connect to the national grid via the Morgan and Morecambe Offshore Wind Farms: Transmission Assets project (referred to as "the Project").

The Project will comprise both permanent and temporary infrastructure including, but not limited to:

  • Offshore infrastructure including offshore export cables, offshore substation platform(s), interconnector cables and a Morgan offshore booster station.
  • Landfall works (where the offshore cables reach the shore) between Mean Low Water Springs and the transition joint bays including the offshore and onshore cables, intertidal working area and landfall construction compound(s), and temporary and permanent access.
  • Onshore infrastructure from the transition joint bays to the electricity transmission network connection. This includes onshore export cables to the two new substations, temporary construction compounds, temporary and permanent access, and onward connections to the existing National Grid substation at Penwortham, Lancashire.
  • Areas for biodiversity net gain, enhancement and / or mitigation, including permanent access for operation and maintenance of those areas.

The two offshore wind farms are expected to make a key contribution to the UK’s target of generating 50GW of power from offshore wind by 2030. Combined they have the potential to generate almost 2GW of electricity – enough to power the equivalent of around two million homes.

Transmission Map
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We are undertaking a Targeted Statutory Consultation on minor onshore route amendments.

During our statutory consultation held late last year, we presented information about our proposals and sought feedback from stakeholders, landowners and the community. This feedback is important to us and will help inform how we develop the project ahead of submitting our final application for development consent.

Related feedback, as well as ongoing design and route refinements – informed by surveys and assessments – has led to minor amendments outside of the Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR) Red Line Boundary (RLB).

What does this mean?

As a result, a targeted consultation is now taking place. We have contacted those who may be affected by the updated proposals to allow them to provide any feedback they may have. If you would like to view the related Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) materials, please click the link below.

If you have already provided a response in relation to our 2023 statutory consultation, please be assured that your response is being considered. We will be issuing a newsletter in the coming months with key updates and this will be made available on our website.

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