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On this page you can view and download a selection of materials that provide more information about the Morgan and Morecambe Offshore Wind Farms: Transmission Assets project. This includes the materials from our 2022 and 2023 non-statutory consultations, our 2023 statutory consultation, and our 2024 targeted statutory consultation.

Should you require any of these materials in a more accessible format, or in a different language, please contact the project team by emailing or calling 0800 915 2493 (option 3)

2024 Targeted Statutory Consultation

2023 Statutory consultation

2023 Non-statutory consultation materials

Materials from previous consultations

Scoping reports

We are undertaking a Targeted Statutory Consultation on minor onshore route amendments.

During our statutory consultation held late last year, we presented information about our proposals and sought feedback from stakeholders, landowners and the community. This feedback is important to us and will help inform how we develop the project ahead of submitting our final application for development consent.

Related feedback, as well as ongoing design and route refinements – informed by surveys and assessments – has led to minor amendments outside of the Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR) Red Line Boundary (RLB).

What does this mean?

As a result, a targeted consultation is now taking place. We have contacted those who may be affected by the updated proposals to allow them to provide any feedback they may have. If you would like to view the related Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) materials, please click the links on this page.

If you have already provided a response in relation to our 2023 statutory consultation, please be assured that your response is being considered. We will be issuing a newsletter in the coming months with key updates and this will be made available on our website.

Should you require any of our materials in an alternative format, please get in touch with the project team

Morgan and Morecambe Offshore Wind Farms: Transmission Assets

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