Our consultation

Our statutory consultation will be open from Thursday 12 October to Thursday 23 November 2023.

We are committed to an open and transparent consultation and would like to hear your views about the Project.

This website provides an overview of the work we have carried out following the feedback we received during our previous non-statutory consultations in 2022 and earlier in 2023, alongside the gathering of baseline information and the development of our Preliminary Environmental Information Report (“PEIR”), and consultation with statutory stakeholders.

We are asking for feedback on our PEIR for the Project, which includes detailed information about the Project, and the assessments undertaken to date. We are encouraging feedback on our proposals and the work we’ve undertaken so far, including our proposals for biodiversity mitigation and enhancement areas.

See our Have your say pages for more information about how to provide your feedback. Please note that your feedback does not need to be limited to the areas covered in this website. We would like to hear any feedback you may have related to the Project.

You can find more information and consultation materials in our Consultation Hub. This includes our PEIR, which is an important document for this consultation.

You can take part and provide feedback in a number of ways:

  • Feedback map – available on our website here. This interactive map of the proposals allows, people to drop a pin and leave comments online and / or attach files (such as document or images) to their feedback.
  • Feedback form – available on our website here, at consultation events, deposit locations or by request from the team.
  • By email – to info@morecambeandmorgan.com
  • In writing – FREEPOST MORECAMBE AND MORGAN (please be advised it is not possible to send registered post to a freepost address).

We also encourage you to come along to one of our in-person or online public consultation events, visit here for more information about our events.

Help us refine our proposals

Through this consultation, we are seeking feedback on the work we have undertaken on the Project to date, as set out in detail in our PEIR and more succinctly summarised in our PEIR Non-Technical Summary (“NTS”). These are both available to read in our Consultation Hub.

The PEIR covers a range of environmental topics for which potential environmental impacts have been assessed. We would like your feedback on our work to date, with particular focus on the areas summarised in this brochure. Next to the topic summaries, we have included the corresponding chapter in our PEIR where you can find more detail.

View PEIR documents

What does statutory consultation mean?

In October 2022, the Secretary of State for business, Energy and Industrial Strategy issued a direction under section 35 of the Planning Act 2008 that the Project should be treated as a development for which development consent is required.

This means that consent to construct, operate, maintain, and decommission the Project will be sought via the UK government's planning process under the Development Consent Order (“DCO”) process.

A statutory consultation is a required part of this process, in accordance with the Planning Act 2008. For more on the DCO process, see our pages here.

This statutory round of consultation will be open from Thursday 12 October to 23:59pm on Thursday 23 November 2023.

Come along to our consultation events

Visit our consultation events pages to find out more about our consultation events.

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