Why we need offshore wind

When operational, the Morgan and Morecambe offshore wind farms are expected to play a role in the energy transition by delivering a significant volume of offshore wind.

This can support the UK Government’s Net Zero by 2050 target to deliver up to 50GW of offshore wind by 2030.

The UK is a world leader in offshore wind and the surrounding seas are ideal for harnessing wind power. We are aiming for our projects to be operational by 2028/29 at the earliest, helping to decarbonise the UK.

The projects will also play a key role in the energy transition by:

  • Generating low carbon electricity from offshore wind farms in support of the decarbonisation of the UK electricity supply
  • Optimising generation capacity within the constraints of available sites and grid infrastructure
  • Contributing to achieving the aims of the UK’s Energy Security Strategy.

The projects also aim to:

  • Co-exist and collaborate with the other offshore activities, developers and operators to enable the balance of different users
  • Contribute to the local, regional and national economy by providing substantial investment, as well as employment and new infrastructure during all phases of the projects
  • Align with the key drivers in current and planned updates to national policy.

The UK currently generates around 13GW of its power from offshore wind, meaning it plays an increasingly important role in our energy mix. But we need to go a lot further. For the UK to achieve its climate goals, we need to quadruple our offshore wind generation, to reach the UK’s target of deploying 50GW of offshore wind by 2030.