The process

How our proposals have developed

The Morgan and Morecambe offshore wind farms will bring positive long-term environmental benefits by providing around two million homes with renewable energy. We realise, however, that any major infrastructure development can create short-term impacts and it is important that these are identified, managed, minimised and, where possible, avoided.

In October 2022, we published a Scoping Report which set out what we understood at the time to be the Project's likely effects on the environment and how we would assess them. You can read a copy of the Scoping Report in our Information Hub

Our Scoping Report was followed by the Secretary of State's Scoping Opinion, which was provided in December 2022.

Our Scoping Report is available to read in our Information Hub, and the Scoping Opinion is available to read on the Planning Inspectorate's website.

Consultation hub

For more information on the project and to view our consultation materials, please visit our Consultation Hub.

Amendments to our Preliminary Environmental Information Report ("PEIR") Volume 2, Chapter 3 Figure titles 3.1-3.13 were made 12/10/2023 at 16:00, no change to data shown on figures.

View the PEIR in our Consultation Hub