Jobs and skills

Supporting the local, regional and national economy

Our proposals for Morecambe and Morgan will unlock significant economic benefits, both in terms of the jobs we will create and the supply chain opportunities that will be on offer for businesses across the UK.


As we develop our plans in more detail, the scale of this economic boost will become clearer – but we already know that we will create and support thousands of jobs during the different phases of our projects.

For example, for Morgan this breaks down to*:

  • 350 jobs during planning and design, worth around £8.75 million per year
  • 1000 jobs during construction, worth around £37.4 million each year
  • 295 jobs during operations, worth around £13.8 million each year

* Source: Oxford Economics, figures represent a pro rata share of projected economic impact of EnBW and bp’s Morgan and Mona projects

Supply chain

We know that offshore wind projects bring significant benefits to their local communities and we think it’s incredibly important the local supply chain contributes to this project too.

Using the information on our project websites, local companies can pair their skills with the projects’ needs the portals provide access for companies of all sizes to register their interest for future work.

These projects encourage UK-based suppliers, particularly those with connections across the north west of England and North Wales, to register their interest.

We have portals open for Morecambe and Morgan respectively:

Morecambe Offshore Windfarm EnBW and bp

Ports and harbours

We are engaging with ports and harbours around the Irish Sea that could support construction activities and then eventually operations and maintenance for the wind farms.