The application process

The Government classifies major energy projects as Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs). Permission is granted in line with the national policy guidance set out in the Planning Act 2008.

The generation assets for the Morecambe Offshore Windfarm and the generation assets for the Morgan Offshore Wind Project are each considered to be NSIPs in their own right and will be the subject of separate applications for development consent.

An application for development consent will therefore be made for the generation assets of each offshore wind farm, one for Morecambe and one for Morgan. A third application for development consent will be made for both projects’ joint transmission assets.

Applications for development consent are submitted to, and examined by, the Planning Inspectorate and decisions are made by the relevant Secretary of State, in this case the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Separate projects

This website sets out information relating to three separate projects that will all be subject of their own applications for development consent:

The diagram below illustrates which parts of the projects are classified as generation assets (Morecambe Offshore Windfarm and Morgan Offshore Wind Project) and which parts are classified as Transmission Assets.

Application process
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